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Tree Stripes Cone Pot - Bloom Burnished Lilac (Large)

Tree Stripes Cone Pot - Bloom Burnished Lilac (Large)

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Bloom captures the delicate textures and vibrant colours of flower blooms inspired by nature. Delicately crafted by hand, our Cone Pot fuses a wide platform circular base with a smaller rounded top, offering a harmonious and yet playful expression to the design.


  • Each purchase creates meaningful work opportunities and fair income for our strong Sri Lankan mothers and women, empowering them to transform their lives and communities, and raise a happy and healthy family.

Key Features

  • Hand made
  • Sustainable 'Zero Waste' Production -Made from recycled materials.
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Biodegradable

Size Guide

Designed to fit many standard sized nursery pots with no hole in the planter base... simply place your pot straight in.

Available in two sizes:

Small: Diameter 16 cm, Height 13 cm (ideal for growers pot up to 120mm)

Large: Diameter 20.5 cm, Height 17cm (ideal for growers pot up to 140mm)

Designed to fit a standard nursery pot up to the sizes prescribed above for small and large There is no hole in the planter base...simply place your pot straight in.

Care Instructions

  • To clean, rub gently with a damp cloth or use minimal soap and water.
  • Water should be emptied every 3 weeks
  • We recommend keeping out of direct sunlight (indoor use only)

Due to the artisanal nature of our pots, they can carry small imperfections. These irregularities are intrinsic to the process of crafting products by hand and adds to the items appeal. These are acceptable hallmarks of handmade products and we hope you love them as much as we do.

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