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Tobacco & Hay | Soy Candle

Tobacco & Hay | Soy Candle

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A perfect balance of smoky and sweet, the Tobacco and Hay soy candle is the earthy essence you need to fill your space with.


Looking for a scent that is anything but mundane? Here is a perfectly indulgent and relaxing treat for your olfactory senses - a soy-based candle having aromatic Tobacco and Hay in a duly balanced proportion. Light it up at the end of the day and bask in the sweet and warm goodness of this fragrant soy-based candle. Handpoured in a glass jar containing a cotton wick, the eco-friendly candle is a perfect way to play your role towards saving the planet.


100% Premium Natural Soy Wax

Australian Made

Fragrance : Tobacco & Hay

Triple Scented

Burn Time : Up to 55 Hour's

Size : 220g

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